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Enjoying Summer Weekends in the Comfort of the Luxurious Tadoba Accommodation Facility
April 5th, 2017

Tadoba is one of the oldest wildlife national parks in India. In the mid ‘50s, it was declared a national park. Presently, Tadoba is home to tigers, leopards, hyenas, sloth bears, bison, deer and several endangered species. Catered over nearly 250 square km, the national park is a favorite among the wildlife enthusiasts. A weekend trip to Tadoba during the summer or winter season can be a wonderful option.

Spotting the Tiger

If your primary intention is to spot the tiger, the best time to visit the Tadoba National Park is during the summer. Starting from the second last week of March to the first week of June, you can spot the tigers at Tadoba. However, be very careful during the safari tours. Never step into the deep forest, without a proper guide. The necessary preventive measures must be taken to stay away from a sudden danger. The tiger safari tours are organized by MTDC. There are two trips: the morning session (6 am – 10 am) and the afternoon session (2 pm – 6 pm). It is better to avail the afternoon trip, since the chances of spotting a tiger are higher during this time. During the winter season, the timing is slightly modified. The morning sessions start at 7 am and continue till 11 am. For the afternoon sessions, the timing is 1:30 pm to 5:30 pm.

The Lakes

Deep inside the Tadoba National Park, you will find several lakes and free-flowing streams. They look beautiful from a distance. These lakes are filled, with marsh crocodiles. A misjudged step and your life may end sooner than later. Also, during the summer time, the tigers often come out of their den to drink water from these lakes and streams. Therefore, never become too enthusiastic while close to the water bodies. Getting out of the jeep may not be safe unless being advised by the tour guide.

Preventive Measures to Be Taken

No matter what Tadoba National Park resorts you have picked for accommodation purpose, the hotel authorities will always provide you, with the necessary ointments required for jungle safaris. In fact entering deep into the forest, without applying the ointment on your skin can prove to be dangerous. There are harmful insects, tree leaves and peculiarity in climate that may affect your skin condition, if entered the forest, without applying proper medicated ointment.

Visiting Tadoba can be a great experience, but only, if you plan it properly. Availing the best accommodation option is mandatory. There are luxurious lodges and tents available close to the Mohurli Gate. These resorts come with both lodging and dining facilities. Fully-functioning restaurants serving multi-cuisine dishes would delight the travelers. The rooms are big and spacious, with fully-furnished and attached bathroom, with western amenities. There are emergency medical and security services available.

Author Bio: Bill Williams is doing his research on wildlife accommodation. He is presently exploring the Tadoba national park resorts and the facilities that the travelers enjoy during their stay in this part of the world.


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Guest Blogger
  • Tadoba is amazing place for tiger sighting and I had great experience about tiger sighting and I have recently booked best tadoba national park resorts where we got all luxury facility and very good staff.