8 Tips for Tackling Your Holiday To-Do List
December 12th, 2016


holiday to-do listGuest Post by Lisa Schreider, Owner of Lisa’s Hands of Time Personal Concierge Services, based in Boston, MA.

Give yourself or someone you love the Gift of Time – certificates available in any dollar amount or time increments. Lisa and her team of elves offer a whole suite of holiday services.


‘Twas 2 weeks before the Holidays and all the through the land – The people were shouting “I WISH I HAD AN EXTRA HAND!”

The hustle and bustle of the Holiday Season is sometimes filled with a lot of stress, with all the party planning, errands, shopping, entertaining, attending events and gift giving. These holiday tips below can help you from becoming a real Grinch. So enjoy the season, they aim to make your life a Cinch!


Making lists keeps you organized and it feels good to check items off your to-dos. Keep your holiday lists in a notebook, so it’s all in one place. You will have plenty of room to write notes, a page for each day, each meal or each event, and you can look back or forward to see what you need so you can prepare ahead.


The more organized you are, the less overwhelmed. Easier said, than done, but setting a schedule and time limits for yourself does help. Build time into your week for buying gifts in store or online. Set aside time to organize the house for guest arrivals, so you won’t feel frazzled the day-of. Once a week (say Sunday eve) sort through all mail, bills, junk, catalogs, magazines, newspapers etc. Keeping up with this each week, really makes a difference.


If guests, family or friends ask what can they do to help– give them a task. Don’t be afraid, it is ok to ask for help! It won’t make you a bad host – it will make you calmer and save your sanity. Ask your partner, a parent, even get the kids involved…Give them tasks, this will take some burden off you, and everyone can feel helpful. Or…you can hire a personal concierge in your local area – this is an affordable way to give yourself the “gift of time.” These holiday elves are just the extra hand you were looking for.


Some love the creativity and zen feeling of wrapping lots of gifts. Some do not. You can make this tedious task fun with a wrapping party – invite friends, sip some wine, put on some music and get wrapping!


Too cold/icy for running errands, then shop online. You can ship and wrap directly through store sites. Gift certificates are easy to ship too. You can have groceries, flowers, decorations and drinks shipped right to your house. Not a creature was stirring – except for your computer mouse.

Let It S(NO)W

It’s ok to say NO. You don’t have to be a people pleaser all the time, that is exhausting, especially over the holidays. You don’t want to run ragged and not be able to enjoy the holidays with your friends and family, or worse, not be able to enjoy vacation! Pick and choose your December events; everyone knows this month is a very busy time, they will understand.


Take a moment for yourself; do something that makes you happy or brings you joy. Clear your mind and meditate, go to the gym, do yoga or walk around the block. Pamper yourself; a massage, mani/pedi, even an ice cream sundae can do the trick. Turn on the TV and watch something mindless like Real Housewives (of North Pole). Even if you take 30 minutes out of your day, a little goes a long way.


If your holiday card list is not electronic (yet), now is the time… even if this seems tedious – you will thank yourself every year thereafter. Easy labels, word documents and a printer is all you need – unless you love handwriting each address. Merge your contacts and print: let the kids help label, stuff, seal and stamp etc. make it into a family fun activity. Many online print companies will even print your envelopes.

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Lisa Schreider
Lisa Schreider