Tips on shopping for Eco-Friendly Back to School Supplies!
September 5th, 2016

Nowadays shopping for back to school supplies means careful label checking to mitigate toxin exposure (and mitigating waste). Luckily there are plenty of Eco-Friendly back to school supplies on the market today. Below we offer some of tips on shopping for great, eco friendly school supplies (that work well):

The most important products to start with are the food and beverage ones (you don’t want plastic leaking into your food and making you and your kids sick!). When shopping for food and beverage containers, watch back to school suppliesout for products made with clear, shatter-resistant #7 plastic. BPA can mimic estrogen and has shown to disrupt hormones which is especially dangerous for pregnant women and young children. I recommend a stainless steel water bottle such as the ones made by Kleen Kanteen which are made from 100 percent recyclable high-quality food-grade stainless steel. They are lightweight, durable, non-leaching and come in lots of kid-friendly colors. They even have tops with sippy adapters for your little ones. I also love Pura Bottles, these are non toxic and very durable and they also have sippy adapters.  Life Factory water bottles are also a safe option (and are easy to find at stores like Whole Foods) but in my opinion they do not seem to be as kid friendly.

Laptop Bento lunch boxes:  The containers are reusable, recyclable and dishwasher safe, free of any materials that are suspected carcinogens or hormone disrupters, and make it easy for families to use less disposable packaging. This box was inspired by the Japanese bento box. Kids love it because there are different colored containers to choose from (which helps make lunch fun while you help save the environment).

More eco friendly and non toxic school supplies include:

All Natural Folders


Ticonderoga Pencils

Seven Year Pen (this pen will last you for seven years! Help save the economy!)

Itsy Ritsy Reusable snack bags

PVC Free Recycled Binders

Recycled Notebooks

All Natural Paints

For even more more school products that will help your kids avoid toxins and go green this year with fantastic eco school supplies they’ll love visit the online store: The Ultimate Green Store (they also offer fundraising for schools . . .Save the planet and sustain a school!) Win! We also love the Mighty Nest, they sell over 2000 products for a healthy home! 


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