The Mompreneur Behind the Misadventures in Mommyhood Brand
February 9th, 2015

Today we sat down with funny gal, brand marketer maven, and prior yoga studio owner, Kristin Quinn (KQ). She also writes a blog, “Misadventures in Mommyhood” (which she recently published into a book), where she not only offers helpful parenting tips/ product reviews but also effortlessly adds humor into her parenting tales.  Let’s be honest new parents can sometimes feel isolated and overwhelmed – we believe that laughter can be the best medicine for overwhelmed moms (besides a nap of course).
Read on to find out the secrets to Kristin’s success, learn which of her jobs has proven most challenging and learn about her tips on successful parenting.

1. Why did you start your blog?

I started it about 6 months after my first child, Paigely, was born.

2. What was your initial vision for your blog? And has your vision changed now that you are a few years into it?

I never thought I would be a “blogger.”  After having my daughter I was blown away with how much it changed me.  I was constantly laughing.  I was constantly crying.  I knew I couldn’t be the only one with my thoughts.  So I decided to start sharing them – and it just took off from there.  Now that I have a little experience under my belt (coupled with a Marketing background in baby products) I want to use the blog as a helpful resource for new and experienced moms.

3. Why is it important for brands that cater to moms work with mommy bloggers? (I guess this is an obvious question but we would love your perspective).

Moms trust other moms.  It’s a lot easier to read about a first-hand account from a real-life mom vs. going on the internet and reading a bunch of bullet points.

4. How did you start your career?

I started working for Martha Stewart in Product Marketing right out of college.  It was an incredible experience and one that allowed me to work along side hugely accomplished designers, photographers, copy writers, editors, and marketers.

5. What kind of Consulting work do you do?

I sit down with companies and offer a real-life perspective on products they are trying to launch in the marketplace.  I offer tips on how to best get their message out.  I also act as a brand ambassador and spokesperson for companies who need video representation for both online and in-store channels. Right now I’m taking over a client’s social media platforms to give it a little “oomf;” something I’m really excited about because I love to give brands a voice!

6. Any advice you can offer for a new mom that you wish you had?

Oh dear you can read all about that in my first book.  There is a lot of advice there but it’s not given in a typical way.  I think these days moms can get overwhelmed with advice, most of it unwanted in many ways.  Stay off the internet when looking for opinions.  Google can make you crazy.

7. What has been your most embarrassing parenting story?

So many, how does one choose?  I would say when I was handed my thong underwear in a plastic bag back from daycare.  Apparently it was wrapped inside my daughters nap bag.

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