For All Strechmark-free-wannabes: Softskin Stretch Softly Signature Oil Review
August 3rd, 2015

How to prevent stretch marks or minimise scarring is always one of the top concerns among pregnant women. We are often told that stretch marks are genetic, which means you either get them or not because of your own skin elasticity. However tons of research from professionals suggest using certain products during pregnancy will indeed effectively minimise the stretching marks that might appear afterwards.

There is a lot of data that shows that body oil is a great treatment for staying stretch mark free. Therefore we surveyed several pregnant women who were all in agreement that they would try oiling themselves on a daily basis. In addition to that, pregnant women’s skin may get pretty itchy because of the stretching, so keeping your skin super moisturized by oil products can help fight the itchiness.

Fortunately I found a pretty awesome product recently and I sent it to several pregnant friends. From the reports I received back, it just gives them the effect that they’re “longing for”. It’s this Stretch Softly Signature Oil from the brand Soft Skin. One thing I trust about the brand is that the research i did tells me it is a brand that sticks to stretch marks prevention in pregnancy.


Another thing I absolutely love about the product is its natural ingredients. Other than other body oil brands that use mineral oil as a base, this oil blend in 9 natural ingredients include olive oil, sweet almond oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, etc. What is even more thrilling, this oil contains nothing artificial, which means no fragrance, no chemicals, nothing other than pure natural stuff. So it’s totally suitable for mom-to-be’s and also very sensitive skin-friendly, which gives me so much confidence to let my mom-to-be friends try it out. From their reports, the texture of the product looks rather thin than what it actually is. But when apply it all over the belly, your skin feels “so soft” and gives the skin the “right bit of moisture and smoothness” that won’t make you think of any kinds of “fake softness” that usually caused by chemical ingredients.

Considering it’s a body oil product, I tried it myself as I’m so curious about a totally non-chemical skin care product. All the products i’ve used in the past are more or less artificial (at least with perfumes). One thing I always concern about oil product is the absorbing effect. For this SoftSkin Stretch Softly signature oil, I’d say in terms of oil products in general and compared to other body oil products I’ve used in the past, I’m quite satisfied with its performance as a pure natural organic product. A personal tip for applying on these oil products: I’d usually like to use it right after shower at night. I usually use a towel to slightly pat myself just a little bit while my skin is still damp. Then i’ll apply it all over my belly and slightly rub it in. It just locks in all the moisture and you can feel your belly skin becomes so soft immediately

The company SoftSkin also provides a whole stretch marks prevention system called Stretch Softly which includes the oil, along with a specially designed maternity top and bottom which are made with the brand’s iconic StaySoft fabric that enables your belly better stays soft and moisturised.


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