Review of Weefulls, A Tasty and Healthy Pancake and Waffle Mix
February 11th, 2015

I recently tried Weefulls, a pancake and waffle mix made with real fruits and vegetables (how cool is that?!). Since my family is not really into waffles I admittedly was not expecting this product to be anything spectacular. Boy was I wrong. The pancakes were delicious and the best part is that they are nutritious. But don’t just take my word for it, take Tommy’s. Tommy is my 15 month old neighbor who is a super picky eater and he LOVED them.
To our Gluten Free readers, the founder of Weefulls says they do have a gluten free recipe but it’s not out in the market yet. We will keep you posted on when the gluten free product comes out!

According to the founder, Shasta Weitz : “We created Weefulls in an effort to feed our daughter Charlie the healthiest foods possible through a tasty and fun vehicle – the waffle. We found that not only did she eat them whenever she could get her hands on them, but all of her friends who came to visit would eat them too. When we began to send them home with Moms, families began to eat them and ask for more.” Shasta worked with a great food manufacturer to get the Weefull’s recipes to be tasty, healthy and easy for families to make. (kudos to you Shasta, your hard work paid off!)weefulls

“Weefulls was launched during the summer of 2010 at a farmer’s market in Bridgehampton. Young and old liked the idea of reclaiming the waffle as something that was no longer a guilty pleasure but a healthy, well-rounded alternative to traditional breakfast foods.”

Supplet is not yet selling Weefulls in our ecommerce store so in the meantime Weefulls has offered our readers a  25% off discount code on Amazon.  The code is GIG4C7KP

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