Maternity Summer Fashion Tips
July 18th, 2015

This guest post on Maternity Summer Fashion Tips is written by Crystal Bauer from

Many women share stories of summer pregnancies – pregnancies that they remember feeling hot and swollen.  The summer heat is bad enough when you’re not pregnant, but when carrying around the little heat generator in your belly, you’ll feel every degree on the thermometer.  So, what kinds of things can a pregnant mom wear to stay cool and comfortable and still be fashionably fabulous?  Here are a few options to help you get through the summer.

High-Waisted Dresses
High-Waisted, or empire waist, dresses are at the height of maternity fashion, and the non-restrictive waist just below the bust provides loose-fitting comfort.
maternity summer fashion tips









Light Airy Fabrics 
When the heat of the summer picks up, you’ll be most comfortable in fabrics that are lightweight and allow airflow.  Make sure to have a pair of shorts or capris and several tops that are cool and comfortable for the hot summer days.
maternity summer fashion tips

maternity summer fashion tips
Sundresses are the perfect choice for summer.  Usually made with lightweight and comfortable fabrics, these adorable dresses will help keep you cool.  A perfect option for summertime parties or weddings, a cute sundress will give you the feel of a more casual outfit and the look of a more dressed up mama.

Many women find that wearing compression hosiery during pregnancy helps to reduce swelling and energizes tired and achy legs.  Preggers by Therafirm true gradient compression hosiery delivers a controlled amount of pressure greatest at the ankle and gradually decreases toward the top of the stocking.  This promotes better blood flow and improves circulation.  But, the idea of wearing tight-fitting compression hosiery during summer might turn off to wearing them, despite the great benefit.
maternity summer fashion tips


But, Preggers hosiery is made using our Micro-Cool® process.  Micro-Cool® creates a wicking effect so moisture evaporates from the skin quickly, providing comfortable coolness – even during the hot summer months!

maternity summer fashion tips

Preggers compression hosiery is also fashion forward and look great with the latest maternity fashions.  With beautiful everyday colors, as well as seasonal, fashionable colors, there is a choice for every outfit.  Footless tights or leggings also offer the ability to pair compression hosiery with summertime sandals or open-toe shoes.

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