Ja-Vie Flats: Comfortable, stylish flats that are great for pregnancy
January 12th, 2015

When you find great shoes that are stylish and super comfortable you just want to dance and wear them all the time. When you find comfortable stylish flats during your seventh month of pregnancy you might feel like you’ve scored big time! Well that is exactly what I did when I discovered Ja-Vie flats.  I was 7 months pregnant and all I could really comfortably wear were Asics sneakers (which are great don’t get me wrong) but they did not match my work and day outfits. Plus as my belly was growing it became harder and harder to tie my sneaks.Comfortable stylish shoes

JaVie flats come in a variety of attractive colors and patterns, so you can wear them with any outfit. The extra supportive insole makes them feel like a cross between comfortable slippers and cushioned sneakers. So even though they are stylish shoes they have plenty of support (and they have a great sole that is not slippery at all) for a day or night out on the town or a waddling, ‘preggo walk’ to work.  The best part? There is no need to break them in.  The soft, knit lining with lightweight jelly outsoles make for a perfect fit.  The second best part? In my opinion they are an extra safe option to wear during pregnancy (sometimes pregnancy can cause your balance to be thrown off but these shoes have a great grip to them). Trust me I, I did my due diligence and really tested these shoes out – One day at 9 months pregnant I walked from Boston’s North end to the Back Bay while carrying a bagful of uncomfortable shoes to return. My feet felt great!
As most expecting and new moms can attest to, comfort is key. Thanks to this new line of ballet flats, you can be comfortable and stylish! p.s- Since I discovered Ja-Vie Flats back in the summer, I have worn them everyday and just recently took a break because it started snowing in Boston. I missed wearing them so much that I decided to order another pair and wear them as slippers inside my home.   Check out http://ja-vie.com/ All Supplet fans receive free shipping with the code “freeship” at checkout.


Comfortable stylish shoes This pic is me at 42 weeks pregnant in my Ja-Vie Flats:)

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