Ilado Pregnancy Necklace: Stylish and Soothing
December 20th, 2016

Inspired by the the “Angel Caller”– a Mayan chime pendant– the Ilado Paris pregnancy necklace is designed to create a soothing chime when shaken. The idea is that mothers wear the necklace when they are pregnant, and the unborn baby get’s familiar with the sound. Once the baby is born and it hears the sound, the familiar, calming chime will soothe the baby and remind it of the comforting womb.

pregnancy necklace

The necklace itself is spherical and contains a silver ball that omits the calming noise. The legend behind necklace says that the swet sound it omits is magic, and calls on guardian angels to provide protection and comfort– and what pregnant woman couldn’t use a little help in the comfort department?!

pregnancy necklaceWhile you’re pregnant, the soft chime can serve as a friendly reminder to you to slow down and enjoy your pregnancy. The necklace itself sits right about at your bump, and moves with you throughout the day. There are always good and bad days with any pregnancy, and this necklace can serve as a calming sound and a reminder of the wonderful baby that is growing inside of you. Around week 16, your baby can start detecting noise and will start hearing the necklace and connecting with it until it is born.

Once you have your baby, the sound serves as a comfort to the baby and a reminder of the peacefulness of the womb. As you feed, bathe, and continue nurture your baby, they are eased by the comforting reminder as continue to grow your bond with them.

As both a soothing tool and a fashion statement, the Ilado pregnancy necklace acts as a perfect pregnancy accessory. The silver plated sphere is accompanied by one of the vibrant silk cords with tassels hand braided in a fair trade shop. Not only is it cute, but also it acts as a way to help nurture your baby. Want to try it for yourself? Check out the necklace on the Supplet store!


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Michaela Santillo
Michaela Santillo