Finding Relief & Relaxation: Your Guide to Pregnancy and Postpartum Reflexology
July 7th, 2017

Pregnancy can be a time of amazing growth and fulfillment, but it can also get STRESSFUL! Elemental Reflexology and Acupressure are powerful tools that can be used to provide relief during pregnancy and postpartum periods.  The points used in elemental reflexology are based off ancient ayurvedic practices mixed with polarity therapy, which relates every system or organ in the body to an element. By stimulating certain points that correlate to organs, muscles, tissues, etc.- you may be helping to break up blockages in the system and restore balance. Learn some basic relief practices below from Melinda Mickshaw, Holistic Health Advisor and Co-Owner of The Relievery.

1. Mood Swings:

In a study published in 2015, 70 postpartum women were separated into two groups — one received reflexology treatments and one did not. In the group that actively engaged in reflexology therapy, the occurrence of postpartum depression was significantly lower. When using Elemental Reflexology, there’s a wonderful point called the “coping point” at the base of the second and third toe (if counting in from the big toe). This point can be pressed to help a person cope with the many feelings that flood both a pregnant and postpartum body.  This is great for baby blues, stress, anger and sadness. 




2. Hemorrhoids:

In one article, it was stated that over 30% of new mothers continue to experience problems with hemorrhoids 8 weeks after giving birth. To find the point that corresponds with hemorrhoids, you’ll place your finger at the top of the heel on the left foot. This point corresponds with the anus/rectum. Stimulating this point may help balance discomfort in the anus/rectum.



3. Constipation:

Acupressure points are found all over the body, not just in the feet! To help relieve blockages, it may help to stimulate the area directly. According to a pamphlet put out by the NHS Foundation Trust, “Statistical analysis show that there is no difference between laxative therapy and abdominal massage therapy when assessing how much time it takes for food to move through the digestive system.” A popular holistic remedy that puts this principle to good use is rubbing the abdomen in a clockwise motion, starting below your bottom left rib, moving down toward the top of your pelvis, across your abdomen, and back up toward the bottom of your right rib.  


These points, as well as points that correspond to the breasts, digestive system, sinuses and more are printed on The Relievery’s Reflexology Socks for Pregnant/Postpartum women. If you’re interested in learning more about additional therapies and exercises, you can also access The Relievery’s digital subscription products for how-tos on popular Polarity Therapy and Reflexology practices.

Reflexology is not intended to diagnose or treat any medical condition. It is intended to help bring balance to specific parts of the body. Always check with a medical doctor before engaging in any alternative therapies.


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