How to Limit Stress While Traveling This Holiday Season
December 19th, 2016

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While many people will be spending this holiday season relaxing and entertaining at home, there are plenty of other people who will spend the season traveling. The combination of the holidays and travel can can cause stress for even the calmest person. So as an early holiday gift to you, we have gathered some great tips to help you eliminate or manage the stress of travel this season.

Plan, Plan, Plan

Without question, this is one of the best ways to avoid stress when traveling this season. Seriously, make a list and check it twice! By keeping a checklist you can keep your travel plans organized and right at your fingertips. There are some great checklist apps out there that can keep a running list of everything that you need to get done before you hit the road. The extra planning and organization will pay off in the lower levels of stress you’ll be dealing with.

Technology Is Your Friend

If you are traveling by car, try using apps to help you keep an eye on gas prices and navigate traffic and weather situations. If you are traveling by plane, consider using an app to help organize your travel information. Having this extra information readily available will give you ample opportunity to be prepared for whatever comes your way.

traveling this holiday season

Home Security

This is a time of year when burglars count on people being out of town and away from home.

If you have a security system in place, then you’ll already have a little extra peace of mind knowing your home will be monitored. If you don’t have a security system installed, make a point to have a plan to ward off intruders while you are gone. Let your neighbors know you will be away and how to get in touch with you, and consider hiring a house-sitter. Having a home security plan in place helps you have less stress about your home while you’re away.

traveling this holiday season

Clean Before You Go

Nobody likes coming home to a messy house, but it’s even worse to come home to a messy house after being gone during the holidays. Dirty laundry from your trip plus a messy house equals stress. Do yourself a favor and tidy up as best you can before leaving. Even if it’s just cleaning the kitchen and making the beds, you’ll feel better coming home to some sense of order. If you can swing it, outsource the cleaning for while you’re gone and come home to a sparking house. Feel extra ambitious? Try putting away as much of your holiday decor as possible before you leave.

When In Doubt, Mail It

Traveling by car gives you more room to work with when it comes to packing. You are the one who can decide what you have room for and what can be left behind. Traveling by airplane changes the math significantly. Most airlines have baggage fees and weight restrictions. Then there is the dreaded security line (not to mention the carry-on restrictions) that you must contend with. One way to avoid this altogether when flying is to mail ahead any packages or extra necessities. This will lighten your load, and you won’t be worrying as much if your luggage gets lost.

traveling this holiday season

Keep Calm And Travel On

There are bound to be snags that pop up when traveling. If you find your blood starting to boil, do your best to stay calm. Try some breathing exercises or take a walk. If you can shake off annoying inconveniences and embrace the spirit of the season, you’ll find it makes for a much more enjoyable holiday.

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