Apps for Tracking Fertility
October 29th, 2015

It seems like we have an app for everything now, including baby making and tracking ferility! Whether you want to track your period to be sure you are regular or if you are actively trying to get pregnant and have a baby, these apps can help. You can find out how many days are in between periods, mark on the calendar when you were intimate, see when you are ovulating, and more! Most of these apps are free to use. If you choose to download additional features (such as an intercourse analyzer, who knew there was such a thing?) additional fees apply.

1. Kindara Fertility Tracker: Ovulation Calculator, Basal Body Temperature Chart & Period Calendar
Kindara’s free app and connected fertility thermometer give you the knowledge, support, and confidence to put you in the driver’s seat of your body. iphone android … With Kindara, charting your cycle is easy. It takes a minute a day

2. Period and Fertility Tracker from
Fast-track fertilization with WTE’s Fertility App, available for your iPhone. You can keep tabs on your cycle, get updates on when you’re ovulating, and have instant access to TTC tips and other preconception info, all in the palm of your hand.

3. Period Tracker
By noting the start date of your period for three consecutive months, this app will calculate the average and help predict when your next one will begin. It also allows you to view your future cycle dates, monitor your moods, keep track of symptoms and alert you to when you are ovulating and most fertile (via your phone’s calendar function).

4. My Days – Period & Ovulation

5. Fertility Friend – Ovulation Calendar / Fertility Calculator & Period Tracker
This app tracks your menstral cycles to create an ovulation and fertility chart. Once you get pregnant there is also a pregnancy tracker. This app integrates with the website to give a more comprehensive view of what’s going on, and also provides resources including videos, tutorials, books and quizzes.

6. Glow – Ovulation Calculator & Fertility Tracker
This free app is linked to the world’s first fertility funding community, Glow First. It’s a great tool for fertility recommendations and reminders, plus it features a calendar to help you keep track of your appointments and progress. Easily accessible charts and data help make visits to your doctor that much easier too!

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