Five Ways to Keep Your Energy up In Pregnancy
January 19th, 2016

Keeping your energy up in pregnancy can be hard. Curling up with some comfort food and napping can be so tempting (to do all the time). Read our five ways to keep your energy up in pregnancy!

staying energized during your pregnancy

1. Eat Right

Eating right is always important, but during your pregnancy you’re eating for two– so the stakes (but hopefully not the steaks) are doubled. It is key to start the day off right, with a healthy breakfast including nutrient-rich low-fat plain yogurt (preferably sprinkled with a bit of wheat germ), berries, and eggs. For those who are going through the struggle of morning sickness, try the Anchor Nutrition Bar, it has protein and helps combat nauseau (plus it tastes good!)! If for some reason you are still having trouble eating try to eat some dry cereal (preferably the kind that has protein) or crackers so you at least have something in your stomach that your body can use to gain energy. Throughout the day, it is important to snack to keep yourself going strong. Juicing, eating nuts and fruit, or sipping on your favorite kind of tea can help to power you for the rest of the day– and your pregnancy. We love Bundle Organics Juices, they are ready to drink, pasteurized juices that give you the nutrition boost you need! Also remember that a woman’s blood volume doubles during pregnancy to meet the demands of mom and baby therefore we recommend eating red meat.  Red meat is a great source of zinc and energy – choose organic grass fed meat when you can.

2. Drink Water

Drinking water is key to your health mentally and physically; for healthier skin, activated muscles, and regulated digestion, make sure to keep a water bottle with you at all times. If you start to get tired of just plain water–or want to add something extra to make a yummy mocktail-– you can add in pieces of lemon, cucumber, orange, berries, melon, or really anything you think would add a fun splash of flavor. Although a nice cup of coffee is a great way to stay alert, there is a lot of debate over the effects of caffeine on your unborn child.  Try Hey Mama Teas, they are delicious, nutritious and will “trick” you in thinking you are drinking caffeine. If you start to doze off when you don’t want to, having a few sips of water is a great way to keep your mind awake and your body alert.

3. Stay Organized

As a pregnant woman, you have a lot on your mind. Being able to make lists and keep everything organized will allow you to spend more of your energy on the important things, and less on worrying about the dry-cleaning and the toilet paper. Anything from doing ‘brain drains’ where you write down everything that you’ve been thinking/worrying about, to writing out your birth plan, simply knowing everything is written out will help take the stress off of you. Although you might not be able to keep your mind from stressing over everything, by staying organized you can make sure you spend most time on the important things.

4. Exercise

Thanks Fitbump for the workout tips and the great pic!

Thanks Fitbump for the workout tips and the great pic!

As your baby grows, your feet swell, and the stresses of life start to all combine, it is important to make sure you keep your body moving. Even marching in place for a few minutes can help your energy skyrocket. Practicing yoga, going for a swim, and power walking around the neighborhood are great ways to stay active. Yoga can easily be done from the comfort of your house, and can help you center yourself amidst the hectic times of your pregnancy. We recommend the Yoga Pregnancy DVD for pre and post natal. If you’re looking for something to relieve some of the weight especially in the later stages of pregnancy, swimming helps relieve back pain and swollen ankles, and allows you to move about freely while still getting in a full body workout.

5. Rest

Power naps are a great way to make sure you get the most out of your day. A quick 20 minute nap midday (but make sure not to go over 40 minutes) can help to reenergize you, and help you get the most out of your afternoon. If you sleep too long, you start to go into a deep sleep, so make sure to keep things short and sweet. It is also important to get a good night’s sleep. Making sure to put your electronics away at least least half an hour before getting into bed, reading before bed, and making sure you have pillows that comfort you and contour to your neck, spine, and belly correctly are all key to a good night’s sleep. Once you have a newborn, sleep becomes a distant memory– so make sure you take advantage of it while you can!

Hopefully by putting some of these tips to use, you can more fully focus on the joys that accompany this exciting time in your life. If you have any ideas about how to stay fit during your pregnancy, or advice for expecting mothers, feel free to comment below. Wishing you a safe, active, and joyful pregnancy!

Remember that the tips above are just that, tips. If your energy is incredibly low and you do not feel well, call your doctor. Also, some women experience anemia in pregnancy, so be sure you know what to look out for.

Photos courtesy of Fitbump

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Michaela Santillo
Michaela Santillo