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5 Easiest Ways to Style and Organize the Kids’ Bathroom
November 12th, 2017

We all know how parents always step up keenness when it comes to their young ones. But when we talk of a bathroom, it brings a lot of factors into play about safety. This is because it basically poses a difficulty in ensuring that safety prevails especially for kids who look to be helpless. To ensure easy attainment of safety for kids, it is important that safety equipment in the bathroom be taken into clear consideration. Of course, this comes with a great deal of planning, decision-making as well as a little expenditure.

A variety of companies have heeded to this call for children safety and have gone ahead to innovate and come up with bathroom safety equipment and make life easier for parents. Most of them are easy to install and operate, they conform to high cleanliness as well as being pocket-friendly.

In as much as we helped to keep safety in the bathroom, parents also have a bit of care to keep.

Some tips that may help are as follows:

To avert dangers brought by bathroom water, the tub must always be kept dry and free from any water. This is because children can drown in there since it is known that children are susceptible to drowning even in three inches of water. A tub with a lid can be considered so that it can always be kept locked when not in use. Pads can also be used to cover faucets and prevent burns when children brush against it.

When water heating equipment is used, the temperature must not exceed 110 degrees Fahrenheit. We all know what hot water is capable of, and because we are dealing with minors, chances cannot be taken. That means double-checking of water temperature is highly recommended. Additionally, with the help of thermostatic shower valves, you can get rid of sudden water temperature spikes when someone flushes a toilet or something similar. Thermostatic shower valves keep your water temperature steady with constantly mixing coorganize the kids' bathroomld and hot water to your set level.

With the presence of sinks in the bathroom, sink knobs can be installed. This prevents children from turning the knobs and opening any water.

To avoid falling and the subsequent injuries, slippery floors should be avoided. You know how slippery a wet floor made of tiles can be. Children are fond of walking on such floors. Therefore, non-slip mats can be used with an addition of wiping the floor dry every time it is out of use.

Bathroom supplies and any other cleaning products should always be kept and locked away from the reach of children. This is always indicated in the products by manufacturers. These products also come in childproof containers in most cases. Keeping off these products keeps children safe from chemical hazards in the products, harmful fumes as well as prevent other serious damages. Laundry shoots and secure hampers can also be ensured to prevent children from being trapped in or fall in. garbage cans should also be kept out of children’s reach.

Let’s take a look at some of this equipment that ensures safety in the bathroom.

organize the kids' bathroom


1. Shampoo shower cap

This is a soft protective shower cap that is worn by children especially infants that cannot be wholly exposed to bathing water. It is adjustable and prevents baby’s eyes and ears from water and shampoo. The most attractive feature of this cap is that it is adjustable to fit most children ranging from infancy to the age of six. It is made of very soft material and it is of new and improved style. They come in all variety of colors and therefore if your child is already choosy in terms of color, they are already covered.


2. Mummy’s Helper Lid lock

This is another safety equipment geared towards the safety of the toilet. It is a kind of a lid lock that prevents babies from throwing playing toys and other playing materials into the toilet. It also protects children’s fingers from getting hurt from heavy lids and seats. The attractive features of this lid lock include its easiness for adults to quickly open them, its ability to fit in a variety of standard toilet sizes as well as its single hand operation technique. It is also installed without the use of tools and adhesives hence you don’t need to unbolt the toilet seat in order to install it. When you cease to use it, it is still very simple to remove it.


3. Swing shut toilet lock

This is a toilet and bathtub locking technique that also prevents babies from falling into the toilets and bathtubs and also prevents them from throwing objects into toilets and bathtubs. It automatically locks when a toilet lid is lowered. Its features include the easy ability to be operated by a single hand, the presence of a secure locking kind of an indicator and the easy adhesive mounting it permits. There is no drilling required during its installation. It can also be modified to make it difficult for children to unlock it.


4. Mummy’s helper grip

organize the kids' bathroomIt is a kind of a grip that helps children to get in and out of the bathtubs. It has tabs which are flipped in its operation. It is the right size to fit kids and easily transferred from tub to tub. Its attractive features include its flexibility to be positioned anywhere in the tub and even outside, the secure handles it has helped kids maintain balance and avoid slipping that results in falling and injuries and its simple and easy installation technique of just flipping the tabs. It also has a secure attachment that squeezes the handles together.


5. No slip bathtub mat

This a mat used inside the bathtub to prevent kids from slipping and falling while inside the bathtubs especially when they play in the bathtubs. This kind is modified so that it does not move in the bathtub like many mats would do when in water. The attractive features include the peel and stick adhesive it has, the soft materials it is made from, and it’s easy to clean property.


In conclusion, the safety of kids is as important as it is reflected by this equipment and the safety tips. There are a lot of this safety equipment available in the market depending on the level of need and the pocket capabilities. The best thing about them is that most manufacturers accompany the products with user manual and other safety precautions associated.


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